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Fed up of his bad luck,Kumar Mahajan visits an astrologer to find what's store in his future. The Astrologer refuses to tell him about his future,setting off a chain reaction that essentially may not end well for Kumar Mahajan.

Samantar is based on Suhas shirwalkar's book by same name.

Story forwards with Kumar Mahajan's personal problems and differences. Kumar Mahajan trys to find his future any way. And For the search of chakrapani,because Kumar Mahajan and Chakrapani's life was a parallel,

Originally Marathi and Dubbed in Hindi Samantar takes dramatic approach towards unfolding the life Kumar mahajan's life. Story itself is a very good. Direction is good by Satish Rajwade,He brings in ample thrill and suspense in every scenes. As for performances Show almost entirely on Swwapnil joshi's shoulder. He gives Star Performance in the series as well as Marathi films. Tejswini Pandit and Nitish bhardwaj shines in small role. Series was stretched too long. Will be finished in 6 episodes. However Initial buildup is good in the series. And season ends with good note and Curious about the following season, we recommend This Show to you binge watch list. Highly Recommended.

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Episodes-9 Episodes

Duration-20 Min each

Genre-Mystery Thriller

Cast-Swwapnil Joshi,Tejswini Pandit,Nitish bhardwaj

Available on MX player

Originally Marathi and Dubbed in Hindi


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