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Small time sub-broker romanchak ( Naveen katuria ) wanted his dull run of the mill life to be "romanchak " but little did he know that marrying shivani bhatanagar ( Adah sharma ) would change life as he knew it forever . 'Pati Patni Aur Panga ' is a 6 episode comedy - drama that explores what happens when a simple hunt for an apartment ends up in marriage only for "romanchak" to find himself stuck in a situation when he discovers a life altering secret about his wife Shivani .


" Pati patni aur panga " is not too problematic it's just not good . the good aspect of this series is the cast and the story . it's a different type of story , which is dealt in a very light way throughout the series . Naveen kasturia has always been a fan favorite and this time Adah sharma has proven herself in a different avatar unlike her previous roles . Hiten tejwani has a funny role and he reminded me of jolly llb at time . the parents of the main lead dislike the LGBTQ community . the characters mature throughout the series to realize the meaning of love and that love is about equality and respect . The trailer of the series gives away everything except the climax portion , So I suggest go in with no idea . The highly if I laughed a little more . The climax is the best thing to look forward to the writers did a great job in the end . Overall a fun and meaningful story with slight less dose of humor .

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