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Review of " Jawani " of INDOO

Synopsis : A coming-of-age story of a girl who experience life through misadventures & dating apps.

Review : Indoo wants to do many things, yet can't do anything properly

Indoo Ki Jawani was suited to be an adult comedy, which was unnecessarily given a U/A Rating, even though they went a little too vulgar with this one.

The cast is good, no probs there. Though I still felt that including "horny" uncles, who crush on Kiara, a tad bit too much. It felt so creepy and so bad that this is the way Indians uncles are being represented, reminded me of Savdhaan India at times.

I was wondering how they would take on the India-Pakistan angle, and I am sad to say that most of their conversation is only limited to cricket and terrorism. I felt like I could tell more about Pakistan than Aditya Seal in the film at times 😅 .

Indoo Ki Jawani could have been a good comedy thriller, with the premise they chose, but all they want to do is a slightly diluted sex comedy, which I believe no one wanted.And Yes, It can be termed as a slightly better version of Virgin Bhanupriya 😂 .

My Rating : 2/5

IMDb : 1.1/10

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Review by : The Fimy Singh

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