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A normal woman's reaction when she got no promotion !!

I think Netflix is addicted to super power series and movies .One more super power movie after the last hit one " Project power " .Yes ,story is absolutely different from the past movie .

The story is about the ordinary woman , who is also a mother. She realize that after medication of years she get super-natural powers . Super power is the name seems good but use of it is depends on the person itself. It can be use by both ways good one and the bad one .In this movie the woman and a man who has super powers are called as Freaks instead of Super-humans or Super-heroes . A man with same background also have super powers which he realize after a very long time . A co-worker of the super mother is also freaked .Now in the story they all meets by coincidence & make a team . Now here a real story starts that this team do some great social work or they only satisfy their own needs . This is the reason that attract audience to watch the movie .

This movie is available on Netflix .Audio of the movie is in English & Subtitle is in English . The length of the movie 1hr 32min .There are Cornelia Gröschel , Tim Oliver Schultz , Wotan Wilke Möhring playing various characters.

Let's watch their super-powers :


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