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Durgamati : The Myth - Review

This review will not draw any comparisons between the remake and the original Telugu film Bhaagamathie. For a mixed comparison review, check out my Instagram page (mentioned in the end) .This movie has certain mixed emotions for me as a viewer. The story is really interesting in a way, and I was expecting Bhool Bhulaiya type vibes, which this movie gave at certain moments. This movie may impress you, if you haven’t watched the original. I believe that the failure of Laxmii (2020) was due to its unoriginal appeal. I think every household had watched Kanchana on TV once at least, so offering the same thing wasn’t a good solution. Bhaagamathie on the other hand, while being dubbed in Hindi, wasn’t received widely. So a surprise element was in store for many viewers.

The cast is great, I didn’t dislike anyone in that department. Actors that I have go praise are Jisshu Sengupta, Dhanraj (Telugu comedian who was also in the original) and Bhumi Pednekar. I did like Mahie Gill, but her Bengali was really unnecessary. Bhumi is a great actor, but her voice as Durgamati didn’t sound powerful at all. We all got a taste of how she would look like as Durgamati in the trailer, so this was expected from my side.

Trailer :

Some negatives I have found are bad dialogues and some plot holes in the movie. Sorry, make that many plot holes. While I write this review, I keep thinking about how the dialogues are inconsistent in the story at times. The story ties up loose ends, but in doing so leaves the viewers confused with its twist. Durgamati is a good watch if you haven’t watched the original. I recommend you give it a try, though I have to say that there will be moments where you just want to press the fast forward buttons, but I recommend you watch this film with patience.

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My Rating : 3.25/5

IMDB : 4.4/10 (As Per The Time The Review Was Written)

Written By ; The Filmy Singh

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