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After very long time Netflix is coming with a movie with actors below fifteen . Yes the name of the movie very suits to its story . Hey don't get confuse I am talking about CUTIES .

A movie is about how kids are innocent & also fascinated about their dreams .Here it is a story of a girl ( Amy ) who is about eleven year old . Once Amy seen some girls of same age dances freely . She like that & also want to dance with them but hesitated . After a time she asked a group member to dance with them & they allow her to dance with her . Yes this shows how kids are innocent as they did't know any type of racism or wearied social rules etc .Amy enjoys that days but her happiness not lasted for long time . Because she comes from a very conservative family after some time her social work and family routine disturbs her in her dance practice . Also she comes from middle class so she also tries to stole money to buy costumes . Ultimately movies shows that a little wants to live her like her friends live without any restriction or rules .

As I personally noted that so many people didn't like the concept of this movie , Ya I didn't know the exact reason . But this may result in dislike on trailer which is uploaded on YouTube . Here you can see a trailer :

The movie is available on Netflix . The movie is about 1Hr 36 min .Audio is in English , Subtitles is in English .

Let's watch dance of Cuties :


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