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Bablu bhaiya & Gajgamini went to space ??


Yes the title is write only because of Netflix . Yes I know you all are waiting for this couple on Prime video but the Netflix comes early with the same lovely couple .

Finally Netflix is coming with it's movie Cargo . A movie which announce very late by Netflix . Also Netflix releases it's trailer only two days ago . Movie is about what happened after death of human . So ya this is sci-fi with some love .Story is about " Yamraaj " . Vikrant massy who is working in a space-ship & also a leader of that ship . He is the only working member . His work is to deal with a human who is already dead on earth . He erase memory , cure the different disease ,change the body structure etc . After some time Shweta tripathi also joins the same work . Now Vikrant has a company of female worker . He taught her work also gives the answer of her typical questions & love story of them starts .

Watch a trailer here :

This movie is available on Netflix . Movie is about 1hr 53min . Audio is in Hindi & subtitle is in Hindi & English . There are ' Vikrant massey ' & ' Shreya tripathi ' playing various characters .

Let's watch the process after death :


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